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About Me

Modeling Career

As a model, my career took off in 2005 after appearing on the cover of Playboy Magazine, May 2005 and Benchwarmer trading cards  which I've been shooting for since 2005. Click the link below for signed Playboy autographs and clothing auctions

My Favorite Things

As well as eating Vegan I also make sure the products I put in and on my body are safe and not tested on animal. Which is why I use Beauty Counter.  My objective its to get safer products into the hands of everyone. Please come shop with me or join me in the Beauty Counter mission.

Who I Am

I am a Vegan and I an animal activist. I believe all living animals should be treated the same. With Love and Compassion. I'm a PETA, ASPCA, WWF, NRDC, Humane Society and Vegan Outreach supporter,  I want to explore the world as much as I can while I'm  here.


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Michelle Baena